Dispute Settlement

We sincerely welcome your comments. And if you have any ideas that can improve our service, please let us know. Whether it’s a suggestion, compliment or complaint, the feedback you give is the key to improving our products and services.

For assistance, please call 4001 203 612 or email us directly [email protected]

⋅ Recommendations

Your feedback helps us to maintain a high level of service and provide products and services that meet your needs. If you have any suggestions to help us improve our service, please feel free to contact us.

⋅ Compliment

Please let us know if you think our staff has excellent performance or find something you particularly like on our website.

⋅ Recommendations

We understand that even well-run institutions can get things wrong. If there are any problems you would like to complain about, please contact us at any time and let us have the opportunity to solve these problems. We will investigate the complaint, answer your questions and do everything we can to restore your confidence in us.

⋅ In order to better assist us in helping you, we recommend that you follow a simple four-step process:

Collecting materials

For current transactions, please contact the trading room; and please contact customer service for previous transactions or other matters.Transfer to a higher-level supervisor

Contact the compliance, internal audit and risk management supervisors

Please collect all the supporting documents about the complaint, figure out the questions you asked us to answer and think about how we should decide.

Then, if the issue involves current or recent transactions, please contact the trading room directly. Please keep in mind that if you can contact us in the shortest period of time, we will have the opportunity to help you solve the problem with the easiest and fastest way. If the issue involves a transaction that occurred before, then contacting our customer service officer may be the best way. Our staff will review the situation in a comprehensive manner and resolve these issues as soon as possible.

If at this stage, the problem has not been solved or is not satisfactorily dealt with. Please ask the responsible person to report the matter to their supervisor. We will provide you with the name and contact details of the person who is responsible for investigating your complaint. Please be assured that we will grant the responsible person the necessary authority to review your case.

If the issue cannot be resolved, then you can consider reporting it to the compliance, internal audit and risk management supervisors. The supervisor will conduct an independent review and contact you directly.

You can write to:

The compliance, internal audit and risk management supervisors

Wenchuan International Co., Ltd.

The Financial Services Centre Stoney Ground Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Or send an email to:[email protected]

Our goal is that most cases can be resolved within 15 working days. However, some complex things may take longer to handle. If so, we will let you know our progress.

Risk Warning

Margin trading involves potential profits and losses. Losses may exceed the amount of the initial deposit if the trading conditions are unfavorable. Fluctuations of Margin trading are affected by a variety of global factors, and many of these factors are difficult to predict. And the wild fluctuations in the price of Margin trading may cause investors to fail to settle profits and losses. Although the staff of Wenchuan constantly pay attention to the market situations, they cannot guarantee any accuracy of prediction, nor can they guarantee that loss does not exceed a certain amount.

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