⋅ Source Of Trade Execution

The quotes of our gold and silver products generally come from a number of the world’s top Banks that offer us substantial and most timely prices for the precious metals market. We firmly believe that this approach will always provide you with the best available price.

⋅ Slippage

Our company will try our best to reduce the occurrence of slippage and strives to provide a better trading model in the industry. However, sometimes the investment market is very volatile, and the prices sometimes change instantaneously which is really beyond human control.

⋅ Market Gap And Fluctuations

When economic data or important news are released, prices may gap up or down due to vicious market reactions. Under such circumstances, market conditions may be very unstable and prices may change dramatically in one direction. And in some cases, the market may not be able to offer available trades in short term. When the market reopens after weekends or holidays, market gaps often occur. Profit taking and stop loss orders may be executed at a price that is far from the specified price when market gap occurs. Such deviations may sometimes be favorable to the trader and sometimes not. Profit taking and stop loss orders may be executed out of the price range which the orders submitted. Orders may be executed in batches at different prices. The opening prices may be very different from the previous day's closing prices.

Risk Warning

Margin trading involves potential profits and losses. Losses may exceed the amount of the initial deposit if the trading conditions are unfavorable. Fluctuations of Margin trading are affected by a variety of global factors, and many of these factors are difficult to predict. And the wild fluctuations in the price of Margin trading may cause investors to fail to settle profits and losses. Although the staff of Wenchuan constantly pay attention to the market situations, they cannot guarantee any accuracy of prediction, nor can they guarantee that loss does not exceed a certain amount.

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