⋅ Trading Products

The MT4 platform of Wenchuan International provides global investors with online trading services for commodities.Such as gold, silver, forex, crude oil, index and CFDs. Please refer to the trading details.

⋅ Fees

Client shall bear all banking charges (including but not limited to telegraphic transfer fees) and such fees will be deducted from customer’s trading account.

⋅ Leverage and Margin Requirement

The minimum margin requirement is about 1%, with the initial margin of 1 standard lot gold is $800 and the initial margin of 1 standard lot silver is $800.

In any case, the trader needs to have enough margin to maintain the open position. Wenchuan International does not provide margin call notice. Forced closing takes place according to the following rules: all open positions will be automatically closed when the customer's account maintains a position below the maintenance margin of 30%. Depending on the size of the open position and unrealized profit and loss, the client will be exposed to the risks of all open positions being forced close at the minimum margin requirement level and the loss may be greater than the initial margin requirement.

The spread may be adjusted half an hour before market close at any weekends and/or holidays, please refer to our system announcement. The spread may also be adjusted when the market is volatile. If the margin in your account is less than 100% of the required margin during weekends and/or holidays, all positions will be hedged.

⋅ The Rollover Interest

When the customer holds a position, crossing the 5:00 am (daylight saving time) or 6:00 am (winter time) Beijing Time, the customer's position will be charged or being paid rollover interest. The rollover interest of various products will vary depends on the interest gap. Details of the rollover interest can be found on the platform. Right click on “Market Quote”, select “Product List”, then select the product to be queried, and next click on the specified, then you can view the buy/sell rollover interest rate in “Pay for Rescheduling Inventory/Sell Order Adjustment Inventory Fee”. And our rollover interest rate will be adjusted once a week which is according to the market interest rate. So please check our trading platform for the weekly interest rate.

⋅ Weekends and holidays

Rollover interest across the weekends will be calculated on Wednesdays, therefore the rollover interest on Wednesdays will be three times higher than that on other trading days. There will be rollover interest generated for holidays whenever the product traded encounters a public holiday or a bank break. The rollover interest on holidays is usually calculated two business days before the holiday. And the rollover interest offers can be viewed on the MT4 platform. So please check frequently asked questions for rollover interest details.

Entry orders, stop-loss and take-profits settings are valid for only 1 week, and all unopened pending orders and unexecuted stop-loss and take-profits settings will all be cancelled after weekends or after the market is closed. Clients can reset the orders after the market reopens on Mondays or the next trading day if needed.

⋅ Trade Confirmations

When the trade is executed, a confirmation of the transaction will be available online. Complete transaction details (including date, time, price, value of positions bought or sold, dollar value and reference number) can be viewed on the trading platform.

⋅ Hedging Transaction

With the MT4 platform of Wenchuan International, you can open and hold multiple positions and orders for the same trading product at the same time. When the trader hedges, we will ask the trader to deposit a 50% margin with the same direction in which the position is hedged. When a hedged trade is closed, you only need to operate as closing the position, stop loss or take profit as any other trade. Customers must individually close each buy and sell position.

Risk Warning

Margin trading involves potential profits and losses. Losses may exceed the amount of the initial deposit if the trading conditions are unfavorable. Fluctuations of Margin trading are affected by a variety of global factors, and many of these factors are difficult to predict. And the wild fluctuations in the price of Margin trading may cause investors to fail to settle profits and losses. Although the staff of Wenchuan constantly pay attention to the market situations, they cannot guarantee any accuracy of prediction, nor can they guarantee that loss does not exceed a certain amount.

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